1. Get Ready for Your Fittings

Looking for your dream dress is one of the most important parts of the planning your wedding, so it is crucial that you prepare ahead of time to guarantee you get the most out of each fitting.
You should be sure that your date and venue are on the books before setting up bridal appointments.

It’s nearly impossible to find your dream gown for wedding when you can’t envision yourself in the place where you will be saying I do! We love it when brides come in with pictures of their inspiration to show us ideas of gowns they are drawn to. This provides us with a great starting point to style you.

We suggest bringing people who truly understand your personal style so that they can help you in choosing the perfect dress.

2. Pay Attention to Personality and Personal Style

It is important to be true to your individual style and personality when selecting your dress for your big day. Personality is a huge factor to consider in making sure the dress will look and feel like you.

For example, if you are a type-A, and worried about your gown getting wrinkled, you will want to select fabric like lace that will be effortless on your wedding day. If you are a bride who loves to dance a lot, be sure to keep the weight of the gown in mind when making your final decision.

3. Search for Styles that Boast Your Body Type

While playing with your personal style is important to your wedding shopping experience, it is also important to pay close attention to body type. It is imperative for your comfort the day of your wedding.

If you are full chested (over a D cup), it is highly recommended that you wear a bra with your gown to ensure that you have the proper lift and support of your bust. You may have to raise the front or back neckline of the gown if it is plunging, in order to accommodate your foundation.

Remember to enjoy the ride and take in every moment of your gown shopping experience. These are the memories and stories you will share for years to come.